About Us

Adornment Avenue is a handcrafted jewelry business created by women, benefitting women. We work with marginalized women in the Middle East to develop and produce jewelry that evokes the handcrafts traditional to the area.

Adornment Avenue focuses on the Middle East because the gender gap, according to the World Economic Forum, is the greatest there. We not only purchase from marginalized women in the Middle East, but we also give a portion of our proceeds to carefully selected organizations dedicated to improving the lives of women in the region.

Business History

Our business is headquartered in Tyler, Texas, USA and was established in June, 2013. Adornment Avenue began offering products for sale online on Etsy (www.etsy.com/AdornmentAvenue) in December, 2014. Three years (and a bit) later (September, 2017) we launched our own website.

The Owners

Rebekah Meeker

Rebekah left a 15-year career as a mechanical engineer with the dream of starting a business to help women in countries where they have have fewest opportunities. Adornment Avenue is the result of that dream.

Ruth Ann O'Connell

For Ruth Ann, Adornment Avenue brings together a lifelong love of jewelry and fascination with cultures around the world. She is a graduate gemologist.